Knowledge is Power! Yoga & Therapy now available!

Did you know that I now offer Yoga & Therapy one to ones every week at Glow Yoga, Good Vibes Studios in Covent Garden?

Using an exclusively designed combination of yoga, therapy and sports therapy techniques, including soft tissue release and NMT (neuromuscular technique), the sessions are designed to help you understand more about your body, improve mobility, rehabilitate if you have injury, or simply help you improve your own personal yoga practice using intelligent education about you and your body mechanics. It’s all about taking responsibility for how you feel, how fast you go, how quickly you recover, how amazing you want to be and feel in your own skin. Whether you have a yoga practice or not these are an excellent therapy and training choice and will ultimately help you feel more brilliant in your own body when resting and at play. Who doesn’t want that!?

More info coming soon! In the meantime you can book in directly with me or via the studio! Be knowledgable, be happy, feel amazing!


London Cycling & Yoga Event with lululemon!

Some of you will be aware that I’ve been doing a spot of teaching with the great team at lululemon Covent Garden recently and I’m really pleased to SHOUT OUT that we are running a special Saturday event together on the 23rd November –  ‘City Sites Cycle Ride & Yoga’!

Yoga Bike Beach

This is a really exciting event for me as anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love cycling around London and, naturally, I love yoga! So to be part of an event that combines the two is just fantastic.

The event will be open to all levels and will include a 10 mile bike ride led by cyclist and triathlete Adrian Fitch, followed by a yoga class designed specifically for cyclists. The bike ride will include a few section leaders so that all levels of cyclists are catered for, so whether you’re a pro who likes to go fast and hard, or a beginner who is learning or doing it for fun, don’t worry at all, you will be catered for! The yoga sequencing will be designed to help you recover and fine tune your body, plus stretch out from the ride and make sure you gain all the benefits you can!

Really hope to see you there and for more information you can find the full rundown of information here on their Facebook Events Page!

Big Bicycle Love!

Why sporty types need yoga…

Every month I teach a specific Yoga for Runners & Cyclists class at Glow Yoga in Fitzrovia. The class focuses on movements, postures, breathing exercises and visualisation skills that aim to target those with an active lifestyle, particularly those who run or cycle. As a qualified sports therapist and a keen cyclist I know all too well how important it is to balance any training with regular stretching and yoga and it’s for these reasons that I am so passionate in sharing the benefits and helping others to get the most out of their sports. In recent years the popularity of yoga has grown tremendously with athletes and sports people, and with good reason! Here I want to explain just some of the many reasons why sports people need yoga in their life. Yes, that’s right, NEED!:

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Yoga for Sports Performance

Over the past several years yoga has gained acceptance among athletes and triathletes and with very good reason; its effects are both physical and mental and it has endless benefits including increased strength, balance and flexibility, injury prevention and improvement in existing injuries and general health. It even helps increase lung capacity and function which is a key part of any endurance sport and is something I will be elaborating on much more in the future.

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