Beyond The Clouds


Twice a year I travel to Cannes with Chapman Taylor for work conferences and as I write this I’m currently sat on my return flight from Nice to London Heathrow. Thankfully this flight is at a friendlier hour than my outbound flight on Monday morning which required a 4.30am alarm call!

I wouldn’t describe myself as a frequent flyer but I travel enough that I’m fairly organised with it now. I keep all my paperwork and passport in a little file and have the BA app on my iPhone so that I can have a paperless boarding card, which I must admit I still find very novel! I also always schedule reminders to check in online the day before and ensure I get a decent window seat. I confess that I’m still completely useless at packing however and even with my incessant list writing it never seems to get any easier! It is truly one task I could happily live without, particularly for conferences where I try to pack light but have to take such specific outfits.

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February Beginners Workshop

My Beginners Workshop is on at Glow Yoga this Saturday, 16th February! It’s never too late to start learning or simply take it back a step and get back to basics, you never stop learning and you never stop benefiting from going back to the beginning! Do join me for this lovely, warm 2 hour workshop!

For more information on Glow Yoga you can also see the Facebook page!

Happy Yogaversary

Dear Yoga,Meditation at Tintagel, Cornwall.

We’ve been together now for 15 years. We’ve had our ups and downs, our highs and our lows but no matter what, we’ve always been there for each other. Thank you for constantly accepting me for who I am, loving me unconditionally no matter what I look like and what mood I’m in, taking care of me when I am sick and embracing me when I am full of energy. Thank you for never turning your back on me when I was ready to walk away from you and thank you for welcoming me back without question when I came back to you. Thank you for never knowing all the answers and being able to admit when that is the case, and thank you for teaching me to embrace the same. But mostly, thank you for helping to shape me both mentally and physically into the person I am today, who knows where I’d be without you. I’m sure it’s never going to be entirely plain sailing but I’ve learnt to accept that and I know you have to. So here’s to the next 15 years, whatever it throws our way I know that together we can find a way to get through it with integrity, laughter and positivity.

Forever yours,

Tragedies of the Sock Drawer

Sunday Sock...

My Facebook status du jour – somehow it seems worth sharing:

‘Tragedies of the Sock Drawer’…a new drama written by Clare Dobson. Based on real life events, experience this cutting-edge tale of a girl with undergarment-related OCDs as she battles through her Monday wearing socks inscribed with the word Sunday. Journey through her pain and emotional sorrow as she realises that when she sits down and her skinny jeans rise up people she has never met before and has no regard for can actually see the word Sunday on her socks causing mass panic and leading people to question, ‘just what day is it!?’. Available in all good imaginary bookshops near you (and from your Kindle for a penny).

Yours traumatised

Stop W(h)ining!

20130109-204923.jpgThe other day I came across this Greener Planet wine in the shop and thought I’d give it a go. I have to say, I don’t drink very much or particularly very often, but once in a while I do enjoy a nice glass (or three) of red wine.

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New Year Theme

Happy New Year everybody! It seems right that I should remove my Christmas theme on the first day of 2013 but naturally that does leave me in a state of confusion over what should come next! It might change on and off for a while, but for now… this is where it’s at! Wishing everyone a fantastic 2013! It’s going to be a good year!

Clean up your act Zara!

Those who know me know that I’m big on being ethical and doing my best to take care of the environment and myself so you’ll understand fully that I’m horrified to hear that Zara are totally silent when it comes to cleaning up their act in terms of using so many chemicals in their clothing.

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Rainy day shoes

What is with the weather? It’s not remotely cold and yet the rain is seriously upon us at the moment. It’s not every moment of every day, it comes in fits and starts, just enough to make you question your wardrobe on a near constant basis. If you’re a lover of jeans and walking trainers then you’ll be wondering what all the fuss is about, however for those of us that enjoy shoes and wearing more, shall we say, creative clothing then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say ‘I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!?’.

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Argyll & Bute Refute

UPDATE – Since writing this post Martha has been allowed to take photos and write her blog properly again. Hooray!

Yesterday Argyll & Bute Council put a stop to a blog as we know it called NeverSeconds. The blog was set up and run by a 9 year old girl, Martha Payne and was ‘One primary school pupil’s daily dose of school dinners’, a site where Martha posted photos of her school dinners and rated them. The blog started in April and within only a few weeks she had a million viewers! She’s had support from all manner of publications including The Times, Telegraph and the Daily Mail and unsurprisingly and very appropriately Jamie Oliver was also a fan.

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Oh what a beautiful morning!

Every Thursday I teach a morning class at Glow Yoga. This morning, when my alarm went off, I was enjoying the most wonderfully sound sleep. The alarm therefore was not particularly welcome, but being a creature of habit (and knowing that I can’t just leave my yoga students lying on a mat teacher-free!) I crawled out of bed and begun my Thursday morning routine.

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John’s the Master!

I’ve never really had many ‘I can’t live without that’ products so I’ve decided that those I do have I should really share since I am possibly one of the fussiest people on the planet.

Today it’s Argan Oil, but not just any Argan Oil, it’s John Masters Organic Argan Oil (said in a very Marks & Spencerish voice).

An argan plantation

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