Past Workshops…

Here’s a selection of some workshops that I’ve run in the past. If you’re interested in attending one, or having me hold one in your own studio, just get in touch!

  • Yoga for Runners & Cyclists

A 2-hour workshop to assist in fine-tuning your body to help you become the best athlete you can be, whether you’re a part-time runner or cyclist or a heavy duty competitor. The workshop incorporated how to stretch safely and effectively while building strength, mobility and balance in the body in order to reduce the likelihood of injury, decrease recovery time and improve performance. Breathing techniques to encourage efficiency in movement and improved stamina resulting in overall enhanced performance were also explored.

  • Yoga Pose Clinic #1: Chaturanga

A 2.5 hour workshop all about chaturanga. Over and over we hear this instruction in a vinyasa flow class, yet few of us have ever really had all the options broken down for us. Chaturanga Dandasana, also known as 4-limbed staff pose, is one of the main components of this powerful and fluid transition and if you’ve ever wondered if you are doing it correctly then this is the ideal workshop for you. The pose, though regularly practiced, is certainly not easy and requires great strength and knowledge of the body to truly perform it safely and avoid injury. Practiced well chaturanga can prepare the body for more challenging poses such as arm balances and inversions. This workshop addressed the anatomy and biomechanics of the pose, explored the common key weaknesses in chaturanga plus took a look at options and alternatives for those with injuries or simply for those who wish to take a different variation. We also looked at the transition into upward facing dog, cobra and downward dog to help build strength around the whole vinyasa process.

  • Winter Warrior

The season of winter, and its associated festivities, has the ability to put our bodies and minds under a lot of stress, but with the right tools and mindset we can make winter welcoming so that we are able to fully embrace each moment of it. Inspired and influenced by years of personal immunity and energy struggles that have been managed with yoga, this workshop was designed to build strength in the physical body while improving the immune system. We softened into the body with yin in order to prepare us for a strong but mindful flow designed to build fire from within and help empower the mind. Finally we explored some pranayama and visualisation techniques to help combat any winter blues and awaken our inner glow.

  • Yoga Pose Clinic #2: Warriors

1, 2, 3, humble, flying, reverse… is there any end to all the possibilities that come from the warrior group of poses? The warriors frequently make up a good portion of any vinyasa flow class and there are so many options within each one that it can be hard to know all the breakdowns and options, never mind know whether you’re doing the basics correctly. This workshop explored the poses in detail and looked at the some of the benefits and modifications that are available within each one. We also looked at how best to flow in and out of each pose with strength and ease, giving the opportunity to concentrate on being able to enjoy the breath and move more confidently through the practice.

  • Finding Equilibrium; A Yin & Yang Exploration

This workshop was designed to help cultivate a balance between the go-getting aspect of the world and the calm, reflective focus that we need in order to make better decisions with wisdom and patience. We melted into the body using the inwardly-focused practice of yin, holding supported poses for a longer amount of time, allowing us to experience a softening of both our physical and mental state. This was then translated into a slow and mindful vinyasa practice designed to assist us in bringing our mind and body together as one. Each sequence carefully led us to a key pose, where we once again met the balance of yin, giving us time to experience and accept both the movement and moment fully. We finished with a long guided savasana.

  • Stepping Into Strength

A workshop about my favourite set of muscles… the glutes! We sit on them every day and yet this is definitely not what they’re best at! The glutes are stabiliser muscles of the hip and play an important role in our overall core strength, and yet they are a part of the body that is regularly under utilised leaving us to pick up the slack elsewhere. Over time this can effect us in our daily lives and leave us with poor posture and performance both on and off the yoga mat. This workshop teaches us how to properly activate the glutes and re-pattern bad habits so that we are able to use them effectively, and with more awareness in our yoga practice and beyond. Physically the workshop is strong but mindful, giving us tools to cultivate power from within. Energetically, the physical practice will also reflect the ability to step forward through obstacles in our daily lives, perfect for keeping our motivation up and our fears and anxiety down.

  • Yoga Pose Clinic #3: Downward Dog

Downward facing dog is a staple ingredient of any yoga class yet rarely do we give it the attention it deserves. When we are beginners on the journey we break it down but often not enough to consider modifications and injuries, and then once we are familiar with it we forget to check in with what’s actually happening in the pose. Downward dog can become a bad dog pretty quickly! This 3rd Yoga Pose Clinic breaks the pose down completely and looks at what is really going on in the body within this asana and how we can continually keep it fresh. We explore a variety of modifications and variations of the pose, some practical and some fun and even play with a little bit of partner yoga.