About Clare


Clare is an experienced yoga teacher, therapist & writer previously based in London, now living the dream working as Sales & Marketing Manager for Naïa Resort and Spa, Belize and…still practicing a lot of yoga and sharing the benefits.

From a young age Clare took a strong interest in all things creative and decided early on in life that she did not want to build a career that she wasn’t passionate about; that didn’t make a difference. It took a while for her to get there, this is the very short version of her very long story…

Born a natural daydreamer, the first job Clare ever wanted was actually to be a nun. No joke, blame it on The Sound of Music! Once she’d got that out of her system she planned on being (and actually pursued some of them further than you might think) a professional hockey player, a world-class trampolinist, a geologist, an explorer, a fashion designer, a beauty therapist, a musician…a yoga teacher? Well one of them had to stick.

Having finished school, college and a short-lived university experience, all while battling ongoing health issues, she realised the traditional route was never going to be for her and took a job working as an outsourced account manager for a well-known venture capital company in London. It was this that first led her, partly by accident, into a marketing career as the company offered her a job working directly with their in-house marketing team. She took the job and loved it, but knew a city-based office job wasn’t for her in the long run. Partly down to her own health troubles, she’d always had a fascination with the human body so decided to embark on therapeutic study alongside her working life gaining certificates in a variety of massage styles, including sports massage. Wanting the best of both worlds, she then took a weekend job working in a clinic where she also ended up qualifying as a beauty therapist. She also volunteered regularly to provide sports massage at events including the London Marathon.

Alongside all of this she maintained a regular yoga practice, having taken her first class with her Mum when she was 15 as an attempt to improve her immune system and energy levels. She completed a Foundation Training certificate with the British Wheel of Yoga and decided to embark on her yoga teacher training with The Life Centre and Yoga Campus in London. She has since qualified as a Restorative Yoga Teacher and also has certificates in Yoga for Anxiety and Depression and Yoga Therapy Techniques. She is currently undertaking a long period of advanced study in anatomy, biomechanics and Yoga Medicine with Tiffany Cruikshank and continues to train regularly in the therapeutic field as part of her ongoing commitment to continuously learn and expand her knowledge. Yoga has changed her life and continues to do so on a daily basis.

Since this time Clare has continued to embrace each and every one of her passions with the aim never to take any of them for granted. She has worked in a variety of marketing roles and consultant positions across various sectors, including working as Head of Marketing & Communications for an award-winning international architecture and design firm, working as a start up consultant for a large UK-based Spa Resort and working as a Marketing Consultant for a variety of health and yoga businesses. Most recently she was working primarily as a yoga teacher and therapist in London, writing regular features for yoga magazines and teaching yoga both in the UK and internationally. Her therapy work has seen her work with a number of high-profile clients, athletes and individuals while her yoga experience led her to lecturing on yoga teacher training courses.

Presently, she has been swept off her feet and away from the UK to the beautiful Placencia Peninsula in Belize. Her new Central American playground is home to her current passion, the beautifully-designed Naïa Resort and Spa, a Caribbean utopia extending along a mile of palm-studded beach where 35 custom-designed Beach Houses envelop guests in barefoot luxury. At the heart of the resort lies Naïa Spa, a breathtaking retreat spread over a collection of small islands dotting an enchanting lily-covered freshwater lagoon that incorporates signature organic products into every treatment and includes a full Fitness Centre and, of course, a stunning Yoga and Movement Studio. Clare is proud to be working as Sales & Marketing Manager of this new nature-inspired coastal paradise, sharing the benefits of self-development and authentic destination escapes to as many people as she can. She also promises to her students, that if you visit, she will teach you some yoga!

A believer and advocate in the art of possibility, she is forever passionate about all areas of her work and strongly believes that you do not have to pick only one thing for a career in life. All that matters is that you pick the things you love and do them to your best!

‘Live in the sunshine, swim in the sea, drink in the wild air’ – Ralph Waldo Emerson

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