Farewell Clare Dobson Yoga… hello Journey with Clara!

As many of you know, in the last 12 months I have made some pretty epic changes to my life… moving overseas and getting back into marketing and consultancy to name just a couple of the changes.

And now, another change is on the horizon! Many of you know already that I changed all my social media links already, but I am now excited to announce that a rebrand is on the way for me. Clare Dobson Yoga will be phasing out, and Journey with Clara will be taking over very soon! My new website is currently under construction, and once complete this site will link into it and claredobson.com as we know will become no more. Journey with Clara will continue all the same great things as Clare Dobson Yoga did, but with the added edition of hearing about my consultancy and travel work plus exploring culture and style – both yoga and otherwise!

I’m so looking forward to sharing the next stage of the journey with you all! Follow the journey on Instagram with me @journeywithclara and see it unfold!

Farewell Clare Dobson Yoga.jpg

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