Raw Rocky Road

After countless requests I have finally got around to putting this recipe online… there are still hundreds more to come and I promise that one day they will all get here. I wish I had more time to update my website but alas, I find myself grabbing at random moments and ending up doing ‘maintenance’ instead of the good fun stuff, like this! Now I’m not sure that this recipe is technically a Rocky Road, but regardless it’s what I refer to it as! I also refer to it as my Paleo Rocky Road, however my favourite version of it does have sprouted buckwheat in it so technically it could be argued that it isn’t paleo. For me sprouted buckwheat works nicely in my diet once in a while, but if it doesn’t suit you it can easily be left out or substituted with something else.


The Rocky Road process…

One of the nicest things about this recipe is that it genuinely tastes delicious, I find myself going back for more (and more) every time! It’s also extremely easy to make and can be adapted to suit whatever you might find in your cupboard. My kitchen cupboards are never without a bag of raw cacao powder, coconut oil, chia seeds, linseeds and cacao nibs so these tend to be my staple ingredients each time, but the rest changes almost every single time I make it. The only things you absolutely cannot substitute are the cacao powder and coconut oil as rocky road without chocolate is never worth considering, and you need the coconut oil to help it set in the fridge. Other than that, feel free to play around and create your own version! Here’s the one I made today, along with some helpful substitutes…

Time to make…

  • 10 minutes with roughly 1 hour of setting time


  • Banana – 1, preferably ripe and mushy
  • Avocado – half or 1, ripe (optional, you can use 2 bananas instead)
  • Coconut Oil – 2/3 generous tbsp, organic extra virgin
  • Coconut Butter – 2 heaped tbsp (I use Biona Coconut Butter)
  • Raw Honey – to taste, I use roughly 2tbsp (if I’m out of honey I reach for maple or date syrup)
  • Sprouted Buckwheat – a good generous sprinkle, around 3/4tbsp
  • Golden Flaxseeds – 1tbsp (also known as linseed!)
  • Chia Seeds – 1tbsp
  • Raw Cacao Powder – I like chocolate! So I use 5 dessert spoonfuls!
  • Maca Root Powder – roughly 1 dessert spoonful
  • Coconut Flakes – 1 handful
  • Chopped Hazelnuts – 1 handful
  • Chopped Dried Cherries – 1 handful
  • Chopped Cacao Nibs – 1 handful


  1. Add banana, avocado, coconut oil, coconut butter and your choice of sweetener to a bowl.
  2. Mash and then mix generously until it resembles something like the Hulk having gone through a
    blender (if you’ve used avocado at least!).
  3. Add the remaining ingredients and stir well till you have a chocolatey, gooey mess in a bowl. Feel free to adapt the amounts, use your eyes to judge the texture and decide what tastes you want to be prominent in it.
  4. Pour chocolatey gooey mess into a flan dish, or thin pie dish, lined with greaseproof paper.
  5. Put into fridge for at least an hour (best you go out so you can resist dipping your greedy little fingers into it!)
  6. Make yourself a tea and cut yourself a giant slice! ENJOY!


  • If you’re like my Dad and think avocado tastes like soap (!?) then ditch it and use an extra banana instead! More often that not I find that making it with banana alone does help it set a little better.
  • If you don’t eat sprouted buckwheat try adding some roughly (not finely) chopped nuts instead. Pecans, almonds, walnuts, brazils and pistachios work really well but you could get away with anything to suit your taste and whatever other ingredients you’re using.
  • No chia seeds or flaxseeds? Try pumpkin seeds or sunflower seeds.
  • Don’t like cherries? Try using dried blueberries, dried cranberries, mixed peel (my favourite!), raisins or similar. I keep meaning to make one with almonds and apricots but haven’t got round to it yet!
  • Sweetener options: honey, maple syrup, date syrup, agave, coconut sugar.
  • The golden rule is simply to remember you need a base with the coconut oil and coconut butter, a sweetener, raw cacao, and any nuts, dried fruits and seeds you want! Go crazy, maybe you’ll find a brilliant invention of your own!

Let me know how you get on!

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