The Big Choice

I’ve just got home from teaching my regular Tuesday night class at Glow Yoga. It’s always such a highlight in my week; the blessing I receive from spending my evening offering yoga to a room full of embracing souls open to personal evolution is indescribable. I am frequently reminded why I teach simply through teaching.

Tonight I spoke a lot about possibility, strength and choice. These three things have played a big role in my life, particularly the past few years as I feel like I’ve grown more in these past years than ever before. In many ways its like I’ve simply awoken to the game, awoken to the invention that is life. I’ve realised that life is surrounded by rules but that these rules are all invented. I’ve realised that the way we feel everyday is largely a choice and I’ve realised that what we put ‘out there’ is key to what we get back. It’s like I’ve cracked a secret code and have ‘tricked’ life, but of course I haven’t. It’s just that life is tricking most of us most of the time and actually if we were just to cut the crap we’d all see that it’s actually pretty simple…

Actually I decided

Life can be hard, yes. Life can be frustrating, absolutely. We can get hurt and be angry sometimes and even when we see the choices we have and have seemingly cracked the code, we can still stumble across hardships, stresses and pain. Nobody here is indestructible its true, but largely, within certain constraints, we can create our own destiny through our actions, our words and our choices. And when we start that journey the constraints can change, often to give us more choices.

I’m not saying we can all do whatever we want, I don’t want to get all unrealistic and hippy on you by announcing that you can achieve ‘whatever you want’, ‘go wherever you want’, be ‘whoever you want’. You probably, in all reality, can’t. But what you can do is be the best you can be with what you have. And if you can manage that then the chances are that you’ll start to have more, and then you can think about being the best you can be with what you have gained then. And so on, and so on, and so on. So who really knows what you could be or what you could have? Unless you try!

My point is this: don’t be tied down by rules. Don’t let society make you. Wake up every morning and CHOOSE who you are, and choose to be something great! You’ll still have bad times, sad times and hard times but you can choose your response to those times and you can choose to make it a response that is positive and full of possibility!

So the next time you wake up, take a moment and decide how your day is going to go. Decide that you’re going to feel great and then feel great! And if you stumble across someone or something that doesn’t feel so great in your day then stop, breathe, and choose your response. Remember it’s all invented, it’s all made up! You just have to believe in the possible and see your choices!

With love and possibility,

2 thoughts on “The Big Choice

  1. I love this post! A few years ago a wise man taught me an equation E+R=O. The event, plus your reaction to it equals the outcome. You can’t control what life throws at you, but you can choose how you react. Once you realise that it’s like someone’s given you the key to a happy life.

    Sorry I can’t make it on Saturday but see you soon. Becca x

    • Love this too! It really is all about our output and reactions! A total choice! Glad you enjoyed the read…a very late writing session for me but just had to get it out there! Hope to see you soon! Cx

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