Stop W(h)ining!

20130109-204923.jpgThe other day I came across this Greener Planet wine in the shop and thought I’d give it a go. I have to say, I don’t drink very much or particularly very often, but once in a while I do enjoy a nice glass (or three) of red wine.

The wine is a Cabernet Sauvignon from sustainably-farmed vineyards in Languedoc Roussillon and is a pleasant, easy-to-drink red wine with lovely blackcurrant and brambly flavours. It comes in a 1-litre recyclable PET bottle and contains approximately 2 glasses more than a standard 75cl bottle, yet because of the material the bottle is made from its still lighter than a traditional glass bottle. This results in less energy being used in both production and transport as well as a virtually unbreakable, carbon-friendly bottle.

After being initially sceptical of a plastic bottle (the snob in me!), I must say that I’m completely sold on this wine. It still looks good, it tastes great, and most importantly it fits well with all my aims to do the best I can for the planet. So stop whining and start wining! You know it makes sense.


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