Rainy day shoes

What is with the weather? It’s not remotely cold and yet the rain is seriously upon us at the moment. It’s not every moment of every day, it comes in fits and starts, just enough to make you question your wardrobe on a near constant basis. If you’re a lover of jeans and walking trainers then you’ll be wondering what all the fuss is about, however for those of us that enjoy shoes and wearing more, shall we say, creative clothing then you’ll know exactly what I mean when I say ‘I DON’T KNOW WHAT TO WEAR!?’.

To those that know me you will know that I don’t particularly like trousers all that much. At any given opportunity I would far rather wear a dress and if I do resort to trousers then they have to be interesting; patterned, skinny, brightly coloured, tapered etc. Otherwise I’m frankly not interested as there are enough ways in the world to be boring without my wardrobe choices being one of them. Now don’t get me wrong, there are times when I wear walking trainers/boots and more sensible clothing but it’s generally when I’m actually out walking, or doing an activity that requires something a little more sensible or thought out. I have a lot of hobbies that require specific types of clothing, but my day-to-day wardrobe is where I get to have fun and wear what I really want to wear.

For the last couple of weeks I have been refusing to wear trousers at all, led by a strange determination to prove that it is, in fact, summer. Plus if it rains and my legs get wet then I can easily dry them off whereas if I’m wearing trousers and they get wet then I’m simply going to be faced with a miserable time in them while I wait for them to miraculously dry, which they won’t because it’s too humid! No, I can handle the clothing choices, the place I struggle is deciding what shoes to wear.

Now I really like shoes. I have too many pairs of shoes, I buy too many pairs of shoes, I keep too many pairs of shoes. But I embrace the addition because there are surely worse things to be addicted to and I’m a lot more sensible than I used to be! The trouble is that all of my shoes are lovely; different types of materials, different colours, different ways to get ruined in the rain… and this is where the problem lies. What shoes do you wear in the rain when you don’t want to resort to wearing trainers and “sensible” shoes? Even my Converse are bright yellow so I can’t even wear those without ruining them! And so it was that the other day I invested in a pair of Melissa shoes.

Vivienne Westwood Lady Dragon shoes

This shoe brand has been around for a while and they are most commonly known for their Vivienne Westwood collaboration which resulted in the hugely popular Lady Dragon shoes seen on celebrities and non-celebs alike. I’ve got to be honest, I couldn’t really decide what I thought of them at first but I’m pretty sure they’re a Marmite shoe; you either love them or you hate them. They’re plastic so they instantly remind me of jelly shoes which quite rightly have a place in my heart as I grew up by the seaside, meaning that jelly shoes were a staple ingredient in my childhood wardrobe. In truth I harbour a secret desire to wear jelly shoes now but I haven’t gone there yet, partly because I’m worried that I’ll let my inner child out and end up skipping around the streets with my hair in plaits again and partly because I’m worried that they’ll make my feet sweat walking the streets of London. In all honesty I’m more concerned about the latter as both the skipping and plaits do make the occasional appearance in my life as it is, even without the jelly shoe wearing. So what made me buy them?

Melissa Cristal shoes

Well first up they caught my eye in the shop window which meant I was powerless against at least trying them on. They also matched my very lovely EKYOG organic cardigan which I happened to be wearing at the time. So I thought, what’s the harm? I’ll just try them on and see… turns out they are super comfortable, despite being quite high and are made of Melflex, a patented plastic, developed by Melissa that molds to your foot and breathes well. So that was the sweaty foot problem tackled! They also make my legs look long which is always a welcome event for one with such short lower limbs. Deep in thought and walking around the shop in them I then realised that plastic shoes, while somewhat kooky and weird, are perfect for the wet weather! I can wear these babies in the rain and they won’t get ruined! Result! So I bought them and I will be trialing them over the coming weeks come rain or shine!

Final note

As if it wasn’t enough to find pretty shoes I can wear in the rain, Melissa shoes also fit in with my environmentally friendly morals because their range of footwear is made from eco-friendly mono materials that can be easily disassembled and recycled as well as being entirely cruelty-free with no animal products. Their production is 100% efficient and they pay particular attention to the life cycle of materials by recycling 99.9% of factory waste and water as well as recycling any overstock into next season’s collection.

On top of that they are partners with many non-profit organisations and donate monthly to support local homeless children, pregnant women and the development of green urban areas. Plus they strive to ensure the best working conditions for all their employees in Brazil and have strict policies against hiring under age workers.

Oh yes, and they also smell like sweets (!?) which only serves to add as a bizarre addition to these extremely magically tacky but wonderful shoes!

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