John’s the Master!

I’ve never really had many ‘I can’t live without that’ products so I’ve decided that those I do have I should really share since I am possibly one of the fussiest people on the planet.

Today it’s Argan Oil, but not just any Argan Oil, it’s John Masters Organic Argan Oil (said in a very Marks & Spencerish voice).

An argan plantation

As a person with long hair who enjoys swimming I have always been conscious of taking care of my hair. Not to mention I have extremely dry skin which I struggle to quench with moisturiser alone. A few years ago a hairdresser put some argan oil into my hair and I have never looked back. The oil is often referred to as “Miracle Oil” and is extracted from kernels of the argan tree which can only be found in Morocco. It’s one of the rarest oils in the world due to the small and very specific growing areas and yet in recent years it has gathered an almost cult-like status and there are products everywhere containing argan oil. As with any product though, some are more natural than others.

Used on the hair it is easily absorbed and helps to improve hair elasticity while repairing damaged hair. It also improves shine and hydration and, for me particularly, helps to lower the cost of hairdressers by reducing the need to go so much! For me however it’s as a skin treatment that it really comes into it’s own. It’s packed full of Vitamin E, saponins and antioxidants which help to soften the skin and protect against free radicals and as it helps to restore skin’s water lipid layer it also helps to reduce wrinkles.

I worked my way through a few different brands of argan oil before settling firmly on John Masters. The oil, which is entirely natural, comes in a brown glass bottle so it’s well protected from light exposure which means the oil lasts well. It has a handy dropper and is produced by a women’s cooperative. This cooperative has established an ecosystem reforestation project to ensure sustainability and help protect the rare and endangered tree. Even better still, the income of this cooperative is said to be providing health care and education for the entire community which means that by buying it you’re really helping to support both nature and those in need of some opportunities.

It’s not all that cheap but a little goes a long way (I use mine multiple times a day and find it lasts around 6 months). Generally I’ll use it on my hair twice a week or whenever I feel I need it and I use it every day on my skin by mixing two drops with my daily moisturiser. It can also be used as a cuticle oil but I hardly ever remember!

I like to buy mine from Love Lula because… they’re the best (and they have a pretty website!) 


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