The musical magic of Jamie Parisio

Now you could say that I’m biased and of course you’d be right. But the truth is that I don’t share things unless I’m passionate about them and I am truly passionate about this.

Last night I went to the Camden Barfly to watch Jamie Parisio. Now Jamie is particularly special to me as a person but what I really want to talk about is his music, or more aptly, his gift.

For as long as I can remember Jamie has been about music, not just enjoying music but living music. He is a real life music man and his whole aura radiates the wonders of music. Now a signed artist under Spear Havoc Records he is finally getting to share this gift with the world and my word does he deserve it.

Jamie is a master storyteller with his music and has a way of crafting songs that get into your head and your heart in an instant. Last night what became so clearly apparent however is that this gift comes across even more when he’s playing live. I’d be so bold as to say that every single individual watching him last night was on a journey with him. His songs reeled us in and kept us hooked throughout. We experienced and felt his every emotion in each individual note and didn’t just witness a gig or a concert, but actually witnessed some kind of musical magic. I’ve never seen somebody manage to create tears and cheers in such quick succession, it truly was a privilege just to be a part of it.

His new E.P, You Promised Me The Sea, is out now and you can buy it through his website here. Please do help to support him by buying it and sharing the link to encourage others to do the same, this is music that the world needs to hear and experience. I’ll be posting links to his gigs here and on Twitter – I urge you to see him live if you possibly can. And as for buying his E.P… it’ll be the best few pounds you ever spend.

Musically yours

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