I’ll glow if you glow!

As a teacher with a big respect and fascination for the body (plus a background in Sports Therapy), I am fussy.  Way too fussy on how yoga “should” be taught.  It’s not that I know more than everybody else, or that my ways are necessarily correct.  I just know what I think and why I think it and if I’m teaching something in a certain way then there is usually a reason for it.  Likewise if I feel I don’t have a reason or the knowledge I think I should have on a pose or a posture, then generally speaking, I won’t teach it.  Like I said, fussy!

Since moving back to London I have only really been teaching one to one classes and small groups here and there, plus covering a little bit and doing workshops on weekends.  Largely this is due to a big marketing role that I have right now, working as Head of Marketing for an architecture company takes up rather a lot of time!  Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love it and doubt my love of marketing will ever go anywhere, but I do miss teaching wonderful groups of people in wonderful classes.  So when a lovely friend and fellow yogini emailed me to tell me about a new studio that was opening in central London I was all ears, and now for the last few weeks I have been practicing and creating yoga magic in my precious spare time with a wonderful core group of teachers for this new studio which is due to open in Covent Garden in September, and I’m excited.  Not just a little bit excited, but actually properly excited!  Now, me being excited isn’t necessarily anything new, anyone who knows me knows that I’m a passionate person and no matter what I do I always put my whole heart in it and throw myself at it 100%..  But this excitement is different.  I’m excited because I am working with a small group of teachers who all share the same beliefs in their teaching ethics as me.  They are all lovely, shiny happy (gorgeous!) people who all love yoga, who all embrace natural anatomy and correct instruction, who all acknowledge that every body is different, who are all aware that you don’t have to be confined by the four corners of your mat.

The yoga classes are called Glow Yoga and the studio is part of Good Vibes.  At the moment we’re all meeting in a temporary studio in Soho as the new yoga studio is still being built but I am really excited to be moving into the new studio, based in Covent Garden, in September.

“Glow Yoga is a smooth, flowing, warm yoga, combined with principles of Pilates and other inspiring disciplines.  Each class comprises an intelligent balanced sequence of postures that flow from one to another, delivered with a care and precision that will challenge, but also nurture.  Glow Yoga is practised in a warm room, heated to a comfortable temperature which allows your body to safely open and relax.  The Infra red heat offers benefits such as reducing muscle stiffness and weight loss. The SAD studio ambient lighting used in the day classes means you get all the benefits of a sunny day”

The studio opens on the 10th September and you can try your first class for only £5 (details here).  There will be classes all weekend and I’ll be teaching both days; at 10.30am on the Saturday and 10am on the Sunday.  Alternatively if you can’t make those classes then you can take a class with another of the wonderful Glow Yoga teachers.  After that I’ll be teaching 4 classes a week there, and you can see details of those classes here.

For more information see the website www.goodvibesfitness.co.uk, take a look at the Facebook page or alternatively just get in touch!  Hope to see you there very soon!  Honestly you won’t regret glowing… it’s glowing to be amazing… honestly you should glow… ok, I’ll stop now! (just so hard once you get glowing…!)


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