2011 is the year!

How many of us have made a comment similar to that?  How many of us have said 2011 is the year I’m going to do this, or that?  2011 is the year I’m going to get fit, get in shape, change my job, travel here, go there, quit this, stop doing that?  Ooh, I have a “feeling” 2011 is going to be a good one!  Oh really?  And how many of us said it all last year, and the year before, and the year before that and then never really saw the desired outcome?  Come on, don’t be in denial about it!  We’re all only human and it’s just what  happens isn’t it?  But does it really have to be that way?

I know what you’re thinking.  ‘Oh, here we go, queue the New Year inspirational nag from somebody that thinks they’ve got the meaning of life sussed out!… blah blah blah’.  But I’m the last person with any right to nag, the last one to think I’ve got it all figured out, and the first one to admit that I’ve definitely said it all before and I have no doubt in my mind that there will be things I’ll say I’m going to do this year and I won’t do them because of the usual array of excuses (money/timing/didn’t feel right/too many other commitments/too busy etc). And yes, I also have a “feeling” that 2011 is going to be a good one!

The trouble is that some of you will read this and get defensive about it.  How do I know that?  Because I’ve been there and done that too, because it hits a nerve when somebody says the truth out loud doesn’t it!?  And you’ll humpf about how you’re different and the words here don’t relate to you at all because you ARE going to stick to your goals and 2011 is going to be wonderful!  Yeah?  Good for you with your stubborn determination, get on with it then!  Some of you that feel that way will then go out and make it all happen and for those that do, I admire you greatly!  Others will sulk with their stubborn determination, not achieve anything and then refer back to the above excuses towards the end of the year!  But let’s say you’re reading this and nodding away at some of the things I’ve said, how can you make sure that 2011 really is a good year?

Rule number one is to embrace the fact that the only way it’s going to be great is if you make it work for yourself and remain realistic about what you can achieve that will make your world a better place.  A perfectly embarrassing example of this is the fact that I have now accepted that no matter how hard I train it’s highly unlikely I will ever model for Nike and I should remove this from my yearly resolutions and focus my energy on the attainable!

Rule number two is not to make excuses!  Ban yourself from ifs and buts…but (!) remember that if real problems do arise that stop you achieving what you want then simply reassess the target.  You may not be able to reach your goal in the way you’d like but perhaps there’s another way of getting there, or if you really can’t get there then what can you do that would still get you on the right track.  Just because circumstances sometimes change meaning we can’t have things exactly the way we want them it doesn’t mean that we have to get disheartened and push the goal aside completely.
Rule number three is to know the difference between belief and expectation.  Be positive and see yourself achieving what you want without setting huge expectations.  There is a massive difference in believing you can get there and expecting you will get there.  Belief makes things happen, expectation results in pressure and presumptions and more often than not, disappointment in one way or the other.
Rule number four is to keep it simple.  You really think that if you manage to get yourself a sports car and those new shoes that you’ll be happy?  As a self confessed shoe fanatic I know that for some of you out there, as pathetic as it is really, it would genuinely make you a little bit happier if you had the shoes!  But ultimately it’s not going to be the answer to your lifes satisfaction!  If you really think about the things that might make you happy you may well be pleasantly surprised by how simple the answers are.  Of course simple doesn’t mean easy, sometimes the most simple desires are the hardest to achieve because more often than not we can’t solve those desires with money and unfortunately the majority of us struggle to know how to solve things any other way.  But an acknowledgement of this fact is the first step!
Rule number five is to remember to work hard and play hard to achieve any goals you might have and if you don’t achieve them then don’t give yourself a hard time about it.  Failure doesn’t exist, just learn a lesson from whatever has happened and keep smiling!

Of course, none of these rules are official rules.  I made them up, so you can choose whether they’re useful or not.  And if they’re not, then make up rules that work for you!  No excuses!

You may well be sat there thinking that none of this applies to you because your life is already pretty happy and fulfilled and you don’t have any particularly overwhelming desire to make any resolutions.  In which case, I salute you!  Nobody needs to make resolutions, after all, if it ain’t broke…!

So what are my resolutions this year?  Well firstly to practice what I preach!   After that my biggest determination lies in continuing to be as happy as I have been for the latter part of 2010, in fact, I might even aim to be even happier!  I also want to make sure I get back into my best shape, listen to my heart when it speaks, move house and take a holiday!  Oh, and keep regularly updating my website…and you’re all the judges of that!

I’ll leave you all with a little video inspiration…No Excuses!

Happy New Year all, I have a BELIEF that 2011 is going to be a great year!

Love & Light

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