Festive period…

Over the festive period things can get so busy for us all.  Between the work parties, having the kids off school and trying to visit friends and family there seems to be a never ending list of things for us to do.  Even though you may miss a class or two during the festivities I encourage you to continue with your yoga practice as much as you can even when you can’t get to a class.

A  relaxing 15 minute Savasana followed by a  hot drink and a little time to yourself can make the world of difference especially if things start to get a bit too busy and stress starts to take over.  You’ll find you stay calmer and get much more done in the long run if you dedicate even just a little bit of time to yourself.  It’s important to remember that time for yourself isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity and everybody will thank you for it when you manage to keep your cool throughout all the madness that can arise during the season.

My classes will be running up until Tuesday 22nd December and will restart on Tuesday 5th January 2010.  If you can’t get to your normal class then do consider coming to one of the others so that you still get your yoga fix, your class passes can be used for any class, anytime!

Wishing everybody an enjoyable festive season and don’t forget to relax and take care of yourselves!


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