Me A little about Clare…

Clare originally started her own yoga practice when she was at school as throughout her youth she suffered constant poor health and was desperate to find a way to help her improve this without relying on medication. After college, feeling unsure what the future held Clare went on to pursue a career in marketing after being offered a role with a well-known venture capital company in London. Alongside work she was fully committed to her yoga practice and secretly desperate to fulfil her childhood dream of working within a therapy environment so decided to take a part-time course in Indian Head Massage and Beauty Therapy. This only fuelled her interest in the human body so inspired by her love of sport and physical activity she went on to study and gain qualifications in Anatomy and Physiology, Massage and Sports Massage. With her new-found qualifications she chose to go freelance with her marketing and started a second life as a therapist in an independent clinic, which led to her working directly with many athletes and sports clubs as well as the general public and from here she decided to fulfil her growing desire to become a Yoga Teacher so that she could share some of the life-changing benefits she had experienced. For the next couple of years she juggled a schedule that involved marketing, yoga and therapy eventually leaving behind the marketing role she had known for so long and deciding to set up her own marketing consultancy so that she was able to dedicate more of her time to teaching and being a therapist. Being lucky enough to secure her first marketing contract with a health and leisure start-up in Hertfordshire she at last felt fully immersed in the environment she had long dreamt of.

As Clare established herself she quickly realised the benefits of yoga for sport and decided to combine all of her experience to provide teaching and advice to individuals, corporates and sportspeople alike as well as ongoing massage and sports therapy which led her to become a panel expert for multisport company Nice2Tri and a regular feature writer for Yoga Magazine. Slowly her marketing fell by the wayside and before she knew it she was working solely as a therapist and yoga teacher and yet despite feeling content with life she missed the drive and companionship of being involved in a company full of people and the challenge of her marketing career.

Clare now teaches yoga on a regular basis both in and around London, works as a Marketing Consultant and Project Manager to companies who she feels inspired by and is a regular writer. She has found that having multiple disciplines in her work only serves to improve each and every aspect of her life as she is fully appreciative of each one without falling into habit. She is dedicated to all aspects of her work and enjoys the diversity of working in such different fields.