What is it that makes you beautiful?

We’ve all got something. Some people might have more than others and some people may not be so obvious about it, but rest assured we’ve all got something that makes us beautiful. With that in mind I’ve decided to write a series of stories, posts and articles on exactly what it is that can, and does, make us beautiful.

Exploration BeautyOf course most of my research and knowledge comes from my own life so at times I will be talking to others, exploring their world and lives and trying to understand what it is that makes them and their lives beautiful and trying to understand how they think they could add to that.

It’s important to note that I don’t just mean beautiful in appearance as is so commonly thought of. I mean beautiful in a much bigger sense, beauty within and beauty without. A beauty that makes us who we are, a beauty that creates us as a whole and a beauty that reaches out far beyond our own bodies and our own lives. You could say that everything I’ve ever written about has been beauty in this bigger sense. From yoga to the environment to skincare to fashion, all of these things play a part in beauty as my version of beauty is a far reaching, worldly thing, sometimes ethereal in its qualities.

What I hope to get from this is an exploration into the true wonder and beauty all around us. What makes us feel beautiful as people and as human beings, how does it affect our surroundings when we do feel beautiful and what can we do to help others feel the same way. Lets see how far beauty really does go, after all we all know that beauty has never only been skin deep. Watch this space…

Yours in beauty,

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